[DEVELOPERS] Dirvers are out!

We have managed to get drivers working on our CyanogenMod 9.1 Ice Cream Sandwich version 4.0.4. Remember the drivers were given in 4.0.1 which were a bit different from actual 4.0.4 used.

After the release of the ROM with first version of those drivers included, we are glad to announce that, as always, we opensourced this "4.0.4 drivers" as well as Broadcom did. Feel free to take them, and use it at your own, to build diferent ROMs, such as AOKP, Paranoid, AOSP... Or Jelly Bean . This are drivers source, you will need to cherry-pick them to your local repo:

Broadcom was nice, and they created a new HGL lib, which they open-sourced too, and give the name of libv3d, kind of a new HGL lib, which should complish all patches and BCM21553 requiriments, also opensourced on BroadcomCM.
You can also find original patch on Broadcom's page (4.0.1 patch) and the diff files I've made, which they will give you more clues on how to implement them on other sources

NOTE: School holidays since next Saturday, so I'll be out till then, so no more news till Saturday, although stay tuned on XDA :)


  1. Hi biel i tried to flash cm9 on your clean flashed cm7.2. everything except bugs are fine. but my device has lost its imei. i am using cm7.2 again what can i do? i really want to use cm9!

    1. also tried galaxy toolbox and galaksim unlock i restored efs partition but no imei again :(
      imei: n/a
      imei 1: my imei write here
      so what is this really :D?

    2. cmon man nobody??

    3. There's a fix on XDA... I think.

    4. try dis ...it might help u..jst flash it www.4shared.com/zip/cV8fevJw/HYPERION-08GM-RILFIX.htm

    5. Thanks man i will try this some time. But what is this actually do?

    6. it fixes call n emei

    7. Nope it didn't work. Nothing changed. I mounted everything in cwm and flashed fix. It says done but my imei didn't come back

  2. try RIL fix..


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