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I'm trying now to give you some quick updates. CM9 development is still work in progress. We can't release it because mainly two things:
  1. Lot of work is made in one day, so if we release something, next day we will have to update it, and we don't have enough time to support nightlies. Release will be when we think the ROM is stabler and better than Beta 4, which still is not.
  2. Rom is not yet ready! We have reworked from 0 repositories and kernel. It gives a much more better expierence, but is unstable too.
Remember that BroadcomCM will support CM9 and CM7 while androidarmv6 team will support CM11. We do really ahve to thank psyke83, he has solved many issues and helped me and Alberto on the process of making the ROM. Thanks to him (and a bit of us :P) we will have the best CM9 ROM ever made, jsut some patience...

All updates of CM9 can be watched on broadcomCM repositories and you will found all the work we are making on this release!


  1. Biel, disculpa mi mal entendimiento pero..,¿podriamos llegar a tener CM11 en el Galaxy Y, o solo se trata de una mejora de CM9? y una ultima cosa ¿se podria arreglar lo de la camara? no quiero sonar presionante pero esa es mi inquietud

    1. Pues si, Psyke83 y Biel ya tienen las Libs de la camara, yo lo vi en el Gerrit de AndroidArmv6

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  3. I got dissapointed, but well I understand his point of view, take your time to do it biel and team.... :)

  4. que día nos darás la actualización/that day we'll update


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