Huashan (Xperia SP) and other Qualcomm devices in trouble!

We don't know why, but it seems that Qualcomm has managed to close the CyanogenMod repositories of some Qualcomm based devices, and all their forks!

As it seems we had some information that we could not have on those repositories. This is weird coming from Qualcomm but, as some Google CEO said, they left Google for a "massive proprietary libs" or for "not follow AOSP project". I'm afraid that, due to maybe Android L, some devices could not get update becuase of Qualcomm is forcing the possibility to NOT upgrade them...

This is so weid, and I'm afraid something bad can happen to some Qualcomm devices...


They even took down official SONY repositories!


  1. Hi Biel when will you release cwm6...????

  2. how about CM9 for galaxy young (totoro) .. is there any news for the front speakers and mic repair?

  3. para los de arriba Si este tema es de sony no anden preguntando por otra cosa y no sean impacientes, si hay algo nuevo para nuestros dispositivos biel avisara.....


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